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The computer and the Internet have gone from the status of useful tools to necessities in business as well as in the study and practice of the arts, the sciences, history, geography, and nearly all other endeavors. Despite this fact, there are many who do not feel comfortable in the Information Age.

The children are more computer literate than the adults in many households. Many adults did not have the benefit of growing up with computer technology or the Internet. They find the transition from the age of Gutenberg and the printing press to the age of connected computers difficult at best. Often, as is the case with anything that is not understood, technology is treated as an enemy.

         Many want nothing to do with today's information technology because they don't understand it. They are willing to forego the capabilities that they could have.

         Many are willing (and even eager) to learn, but need a helping hand.

         Some encounter specific problems when working with computers and need assistance with those problems..


NJ PRBLEMsm CS was formed in January, 1999, in part to help those people that are in the above categories.

         Myron Lieberman, President of NJ PRBLEMsm CS, first became involved in what would become a major part of the computer industry in 1963. Electronic components at that time were primarily individual diodes and transistors made mostly from Germanium, a rare element. Vacuum tubes were in wide use. Computers made from these components were little more than toys by comparison to even today's game machines, but they took enormous amounts of space, required more nursing and maintenance than premature infants, and could not communicate very well.

At the time Silicon, the basis of most of today's computer chips, was little more than a laboratory curiosity. It had a tremendous potential since, unlike Germanium, Silicon is in very plentiful supply. Myron was involved in projects that first succeeded in making diodes and transistors from Silicon and then helped develop Silicon Integrated Circuits, the product that made today's computer technology possible. As a semiconductor process engineer and later as a manager he made significant contributions to the development of semiconductor process technology and taught semiconductor processing to other engineers.

He helped pioneer the concept of recycling electronic components long before recycling was popular and has become recognized as an authority on the identification of integrated circuits in general and memory circuits in particular. He was named as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the "IC Master", an industry standard Integrated Circuit reference book.

His experience using computers started with programming the CDC1700 mainframe in 1970 and continued through the present day usage of Amiga, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. He has been on the Internet since 1985 and has witnessed its evolution from a fairly esoteric research tool to the business, educational, and household necessity that it is today.

         NJ PRBLEMsm offers "We'll do it for you if you don't want to do it yourself" assistance, individual tutoring, group workshops that focus on specific questions and problems, and general technical support. Additionally, we will offer FAQs and discussion groups on this site in addition to links to other helpful sites. Please feel free to provide input as to what topics you would like to see covered. At first this will be done through e-mail to feedback@noproblemcs.com , which will then be posted here in an appropriate area. Your ideas are welcome.

Do you know anyone who would like to take advantage of some of the capabilities offered by computer and Internet technology but will not go near a computer?

These people should not be deprived of the benefits of computer usage because of their reluctance to use a computer. NJ PRBLEMsm offers a service that will enable them to take advantage of today's new capabilities. We will do it for them until such time as they feel more comfortable with doing it themselves. There is no need for them to buy or maintain a computer until they are comfortable doing so. Tell them "NJ PRBLEMsm" can give them the best of both worlds. Contact wizard@noproblemcs.com to discuss requirements.

Example 1: Do you know anyone who insists on typing rather than word processing correspondence?

Sure, they may enjoy having to restart after every typing error that can't be handled with correction fluid. They may enjoy having to start from scratch when they decide that the sequence of paragraphs should change or that an idea should be added or removed. They may enjoy gambling on correct spelling or looking up words in their favorite dictionary. They could simply enjoy crumpling draft after draft and throwing them into a waste basket, hoping they will be discovered by an NBA scout. More likely, however, they feel intimidated by using a computer and feel that their only choice is to forego the benefits of modern word processing. NJ PRBLEMsm offers a better choice. Contact wizard@noproblemcs.com to discuss requirements.

Example 2: Do you know anyone who insists on using the US Postal service and the telephone call as their only methods of communication?

Sure, they may enjoy playing telephone tag since they had fun playing tag as a child. They may enjoy telling people that "my letter must have been lost in the mail". They could want their communication to arrive in days or weeks instead of seconds. They could have a driving desire to pay for long distance telephone or international mailing instead of utilizing free e-mail or conferencing. They could take a sadistic delight in calling someone unannounced so that they will either disrupt someone or conduct an intelligent conversation with an answering machine. More likely, however, they feel intimidated by using a computer and are simply not willing to go to the local library or community center to access a free Internet connection. NJ PRBLEMsm. Contact wizard@noproblemcs.com to discuss requirements.

Example 3. Do you know anyone who uses a rolodex or card file instead of a data file for their data?

Sure, they may enjoy flipping through the rolodex cards like a sequence of cartoon frames. It may be warm and the cards may act like a fan. They might have fun trying to find a card if the cards are not sorted by the information they want. This has aspects of a treasure hunt. They may want to have a way to spend time until the end of their shift. More likely, however, they feel intimidated by computers and do not fully understand data files. NJ PRBLEMsm. Contact wizard@noproblemcs.com to discuss requirements.

There are many more examples, of course. NJ PRBLEMsm. If there is a computer or Internet project that you know you need but are uncomfortable about doing it yourself, contact wizard@noproblemcs.com to discuss requirements.

NJ PRBLEMsm offers tutoring and workshops that are oriented toward specific issues raised by clients.

Example 1: How to get Windows or DOS to do what you want and how to get the most out of standard Word Processors, Web Browsers, and other standard software.

Example 2: How to install and/or uninstall software.

Example 3: How to find your way around the Internet.

Please note that NJ PRBLEMsm does not sell any hardware or software but may make recommendations as to what you might need and help you learn how to use it.

NJ PRBLEMsm offers technical support for specific problems. Please be sure to make note of the precise wording of any error messages or express your question, then contact wizard@noproblemcs.com with the details.

 COMPUTER AND INTERNET RELATED LINKS Please send feedback if there are any other computer or Internet links that you would like to suggest. Please note that when you follow any link you are no longer on the NJ PRBLEMsm CS site and NJ PRBLEMsm CS has no control over or responsibility for the content of the linked site.




Agilent Technologies


Amiga Zone





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Network Associates (Includes McAfee)

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Seagate (Includes Conner Peripherals)


Sun Microsystems


Symantec (Includes Norton)


Western Digital

ZD Net

INTERNET RELATED LINKS Please send feedback if there are any other Internet links that you would like to suggest. Please note that when you follow any link you are no longer on the NJ PRBLEMsm CS site and NJ PRBLEMsm CS has no control over or responsibility for the content of the linked site.

About.com (People oriented portal site)

Akamai (webcast technology provider)

All the Web / FAST (fast web search)

Alta Vista (A CMGI Company. An effective search engine that ncludes language translation capability.)

Amazon.com (Online retail pioneer)

Angelfire (Part of Terra Lycos Network. - Web construction site)

AOL (Does not require a subscription to America Online) (Merged with Time Warner)

Ask Jeeves (Conversational search engine, also includes Direct Hit)

ATT (Communication Hardware)

Be Seen (Part of Looksmart)

Bloomberg (Business news)

Blue Mountain Arts (Part of Excite Network. Pioneer free electronic greeting card site)

Byte (Byte magazine online)

Canada.com (Canadian portal)

Ciao.com (European consumer site in English. Spanish, French, German, and Italian)

Cisco Systems (Internet infrastructure)

Classmates.com (Look up High School classmates)

CMGI (Internet venture capital and network of sites. Includes Alta Vista. Sold Raging Bull to Terra Lycos)

CMP Net (Includes dozens of CMP publications for Computer, Internet, Telecommunications, and Electronics)

C/Net (An IS oriented portal)

CompuServe (Does not require a subscription to CompuServe)

Control the Web (Includes language translation capability)

Deja (Usenet archive purchased by Google, Buying service purchased by e-Bay's Half.com)

Delphi (Does not require a subscription to Delphi)

Dogpile (Search engine owned by Infospace)

Drudge Report (A pioneer online tabloid that has become a major media reference and legitimate news source)

Drudge Retort (A parody of the original Drudge Report tabloid)

Earthlink (Merged with Mindspring)

E-bay (Includes Half.com)

Electric Library (Natural language or Boolean search of library materials)

Excite (Portal and network that includes Blue Mountain Arts, Webcrawler, and Webshots)

411 (Lookup people or businesses by name, address, or phone)

Geocities - Site operated by Yahoo that provides free web page publication

Go.com (Has restructured. Includes ABC.com, ABCnews.com, Disney.com, ESPN.com, Family.com, Movies.com, Mr.Showbiz.com and Wall of sound.com sites. Infoseek search replaced by Goto search)

Google (Large and fast search of web and Usenet newsgroups - Includes Deja Usenet datbase)

Go2net (Playsite games area, merged with Infospace)

Half.com (Fixed discount priced site for used items. Part of e-Bay)

Hotbot (Part of the Terra Lycos Network)

HTML Gear (Part of the Terra Lycos Network - Free add-ons for web sites)

Image Station (Sony's online digital photo and video sharing site)

Infospace (Portal and provider of Intenet applications and services)

Infotiger (German search engine)

InfoUSA (Sales leads, mailing lists, searches. Provides data for 411.com)

Inktomi (Internet technology provider)

Inside the Web (Part of Looksmart)

Internetseer (Free website monitoring service and owner of Claymont search engine)

Invertia (Part of the Terra Lycos Network - Spanish language personal finance site)

Iwin (Gaming site)

Iwon (Portal that offers cash prizes)

Jimtools (Search engine submitter, link checker, meta tag tutorial, and other web page tools)

Juniper Networks (Internet infrastructure)

Library of Congress (Includes children's area, research)

Looksmart (Web directory network)

Lucent Technologies (Former Bell Labs and ATT spinoff, Internet / communications hardware)

Lycos (Part of the Terra Lycos Network)

Lycos Zone (Part of the Terra Lycos Network - Children's site with areas for parents and teachers)

Mamma (Search engine)

MCI Worldcom (Communications hardware, Internet backbone. Includes uunet)

Megaspider/37.com (Includes MP3 index)

Metacrawler (Part of Infospace)

Microsoft (MSIE, other software information and download site)

Motorola (Communications hardware)

MSN (Microsoft Network. ISP, portal, Includes Hotmail)

Mudcat Cafe (Search the Digital Tradition folk song database)

My Way / Zip2 (Formerly Planet Direct, now MyWay is consolidated with Zip2)

Napster (Online music trading pioneer)

NBCi (Portal, Formerly SNAP. Dropped by NBC in April, 2001.)

Net Zero (Free ISP)

Netfirms (Free or low cost web host)

Netscape (Netcenter portal, Browser downloads)

Network Associates (Includes McAfee)

Network Solutions / Internic (Original domain registrar)

Nortel Networks (Fiber Optic communication hardware)

Northern Light (News oriented search engine)

Oingo (Search engine that can understand meanings)

Palm (PDAs, wireless, web resources)

Priceline.com (Name your price site)

Qualcomm (High speed Internet and wireless communication technology)

Que Pasa!com (In process of liquidation)

Quote.com, Raging Bull.com (Popular financial sites on the Terra Lycos Network. Raging Bull was formerly with CMGI)

Real Networks (Streaming Audio / Video)

Red Hat (Linux)

Remarq (Now merged with Critical Path)

Scrub the Web (Includes free URL submitter and meta tag analyzer)

Search.com (Part of C/Net)

SearchEngine.com (Connection to British, Australian [Oznetwork.com], NZ [searchnz.com], Swedish [allt.com], Irish [searchingireland.com], and German search engines)

Sun Microsystems (Hardware and Software)

SuperSnooper (Search engine that screens out porn, violence, and hate sites)

Swiss Search (German language Swiss search engine)

Symantec (Includes Norton)

Terra (Part of the Terra Lycos Network, in English, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Terra Lycos (Includes several popular and useful websites, some of which are listed here separately)

Tess (Trademark search)

Thomas (Search for the status of bills through the House and Senate.)

Tripod (Part of the Terra Lycos Network)

UKmax (British search engine with separate searches for Ireland, Wales, and Scotland)

US Copyright Office (includes copyright search)

Verisign (Internet security, encryption)

Voila (French portal)

Walt Howe's "Publishing on the Web" (How to promote your web page item from Delphi forum)

Web MD (Pioneer online medical site)

Web Monkey (Part of Terra Lycos Network - Instructions and tips for web page design and construction)

Web Ring (Now part of Yahoo)

WebCrawler (Pioneer search engine, now part of Excite).

Webshots (Part of Excite network. Photo download site)

Website Garage (Part of Netscape - Promote and optimize your web pages)

Webs Most Linked (Web site listing ranked by popularity)

Who Where (Part of the Terra Lycos Network - Search for people, past and present)

Wired (Part of the Terra Lycos Network - News site)

Winstar (Includes Goodnet, Office.com)

WorldLight Network (Includes Entire Web search engine)

Yahoo (Includes GeoCities and WebRing)

ZD net (Ziff Davis computer/Internet oriented site. Includes links to 14 ZD publications)

ZIP Codes (Lookup ZIP code/city in either direction)

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